Easily Freshen Your Dog’s Breath with NurtureVet Dog Dental Wipes!

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If you have a dog, or three, chances are you’re probably looking for a way to easily freshen your dog’s breath every now and then! We all love puppy breath, but as our dogs get older their breath can get a bit smelly. While their foul-smelling breath can make us pet parents want to avoid a slobbery kiss, it can also be a sign that something is wrong with your dog’s dental health. Brushing your dog’s teeth is a great way to prevent health issues, but it can be incredibly difficult – that’s where NurtureVet dog dental wipes come in. They can easily and quickly freshen your dog’s breath and clean their teeth!

Why is Dog Dental Health Important?

Dental health is important for us humans, but we tend to not think about it as much when it comes to our loveable dogs. According to VCA Hospitals, 80% of dogs will develop periodontal disease by the time their three years old. Periodontal disease is an infection that’s caused by plaque build up on your dog’s teeth. While visible plaque isn’t always something to be worried about, when it mineralizes into tartar, it can cause serious issues for your pup. The tartar can build up on and under the gums, leading to bacterial infections. If left completely untreated, your dog’s bad breath could fester into serious dental problems and lead to teeth needing to be removed.

NurtureVet Dog Dental Wipes

If you’re concerned about your dog’s bad breath, but not sure if you should be worried, talk to your vet! At Jack’s last annual exam I had asked them to look at his teeth because he has horrible breath! While they said he was fine, I did start to look into teeth cleaning methods more seriously.

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About NurtureVet Dog Dental Wipes

I was so happy when NurtureVet asked me to try out their dog dental wipes because brushing my dogs’ teeth is so hard! Even though we’ve always tried to get our dogs comfortable with us messing with their mouths, brushing their teeth is incredibly difficult to do successfully. NurtureVet dog dental wipes make cleaning your dog’s teeth so much easier.

I hadn’t heard of NurtureVet before they reached out to me, but they’re a new company, established in 2018, and based out of the United States! All of NurtureVet’s products are made in an FDA registered facility, so you can rest easy knowing that your dog’s health is in good hands.

These dog dental wipes come in a plastic jar with 50 wipes. Each wipe is about 2 inches in diameter and is soaked in the cleaning agents so that you don’t have to mess with toothpaste or anything. Chlorhexidine Gluconate and Sodium Hexametaphosphate are the two primary active ingredients in NurtureVet’s dog dental wipes to help freshen your dog’s breath and keep their teeth and gums healthy. Chlorhexidine Gluconate is used to kill bacteria, while Sodium Hexametaphosphate helps prohibit tartar growth and build up. Additionally, the mint flavoring leaves your dog’s breath smelling great!

How Well Do They Freshen Your Dog’s Breath?

Truthfully, I was hesitant about how well NurtureVet Dog Dental Wipes would freshen Jack’s breath. I had used a few other dental products before, but I was never impressed. NurtureVet’s dental wipes are not like anything else I’ve tried. These dental wipes will freshen your dog’s breath! I can’t believe the difference from the first time we used these to now. First, your dog’s breath will be instantly fresher as long as you wipe down their teeth effectively. It honestly smells like you brushed their teeth with normal human toothpaste (which you shouldn’t do btw).

I’ve tried to use these once a day with Jack to see how they perform over time, but I have missed a couple of days. With that being said, there is still a definite improvement in his smelly breath from day one to now. If brushing your dog’s teeth is challenging for you or you just need something that’s quick and easy, I can’t recommend NurtureVet dog dental wipes enough to freshen your dog’s breath.

Easily freshen your dogs breath

Ease of Use

My favorite part of these dental wipes is how easy they are to use. Our dogs are pretty used to us messing with their mouth and teeth, so if your dog isn’t you may have a little bit of a tougher time using these. With that being said, for us, it’s so quick and easy to get in there and scrub down Jack’s teeth. I can definitely see other dogs like these more than other teeth cleaning methods because they’re gentle and don’t have a super-strong smell.


The one drawback I see with NurtureVet’s dog dental wipes is that with bigger dogs, it can be hard knowing if you need another wipe or not. I don’t visibly see a difference each time I clean my dog’s teeth, so I can’t spot check to see which ones I might have missed. When I feel like I might now have gotten everything clean, I either take another wipe and finish the job, or I start on the side I might have missed the next time I clean Jack’s teeth. All in all, if you need something to quickly and effectively freshen your dog’s breath, NurtureVet’s dental wipes should be your first stop!

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