8 Things to do with Your Dog During Social Distancing

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dog during social distancing

With Coronavirus breaking out all over the globe, some of us may be practicing social distancing to help control the spread of the virus. If you’re home with your dog, you may be wondering what activities you can do with your dog during social distancing. We have 8 activities that are sure to keep you and your dog entertained during this time!

We hope everyone is staying safe and doing their part to control the outbreak!

1. Practice Obedience Training

Social distancing during coronavirus is a great time to work on obedience training with your dog! Obedience training gives you something to do and gives your dog mental stimulation. If your dog is used to adventuring with you every day, this could be a great way to get their brains working. Your dog may not be physically tired, but they’ll have an exercised mind. Whether you’re working on old skills or trying to learn something new, social distancing at home is an awesome time to work on obedience training. 

2. Play in the Yard

If the space is available, you can play in the yard when social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak! Grab your dog’s favorite toy and enjoy the fresh air. Jack loves to play fetch so our go-to toys are the Hyperflite Jawz Disc or ChuckIt! Ultra Balls. Odin is more of a “wander around” and “chase things” dog so we don’t normally bother playing with toys outside. It’s always a good idea to go out and get some fresh air, just make sure you are doing so safely!

3. Hide and Seek

Another stimulating activity for your dog is hide and seek! All you have to do is hide some treats around the house and let your dog find them! They’ll work their noses and brains trying to find them all. If your dog is toy motivated, you can also hide those! Jack is especially keen on finding his ball when we hide it from him. 

dog social distancing - dog treats

4. Puzzle Toys

When social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak with your dog, you can buy puzzle toys for them. These types of puzzle toys range from beginner to advanced so dogs of every skill can exercise their brains. Puzzle toys are another great mental stimulation for your dogs if you’re practicing social distancing. Don’t let your dog get bored!

dog brain puzzle activity - dog social distancing

5. Stuff a Kong

Stuffing a Kong is another great way to give your dog a yummy treat while exercising their brains. You can fill Kongs with pet-safe peanut butter, their favorite treats, or other homemade fillings! If you’re social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak and working from home, Kongs are a great way to keep your dog busy while you focus!

6. Make Dog Treats

If you’re itching to do something more creative while social distancing, try making some dog treats! There are so many recipes for baked and frozen treats, you’re bound to find something your dog loves. You can check out some of our recipes here. Your dog will be happy to accompany you in the kitchen while you’re cooking something yummy!

dog treats - dog social distancing activities

7. Snuggle!

While social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak, your dog will be more than happy to get some extra snuggles! My dogs are used to us being gone during “normal” working hours, like many of yours, I’m sure. Turn on some new Netflix shows or movies and get comfy on the couch! Your dog will love the extra affection and you get to relax.

8. Go for a Walk – Optional!

Finally, you can take your dog for a walk while social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak. This, of course, will depend on if your area is under a lockdown curfew, etc. I would also only recommend this for people that live in rural areas. If living in a city, you may expose yourself or others to coronavirus. I live in a rural area and I’m confident I could walk my dogs almost anywhere without encountering another person. If you’re not comfortable with going out or if you’re sick, please stay inside!

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