5 Tips – Train My Dog To Stop Jumping

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How I Trained My Dog to Stop Jumping

If you have a hyper dog like us, you may be wondering “How am I going to train my dog to stop jumping?” Whether it’s when you come home from work or you’re carrying food in your hand, jumping can be problematic. Find out how I trained my dog to stop jumping below!

Meet our Dog: Jack, a six year old Golden Retriever

Jack, our golden retriever, is a very, very hyper boy. Jack loves fetch, frisbee, and snoozing on the couch. For years, we struggled with him jumping on us and guests when they came to our house. Obviously, this wasn’t ideal. I had gotten scratched multiple times, dropped things, ripped closing because of his jumping. He could have seriously hurt someone else though so we decided to get serious about training him not to jump. 

Train dog to stop jumping, golden retriever in bushes

Tip 1: Ignore Them

The problem with a dog jumping on you is that you have to give them attention to make them stop jumping. When you give them attention, they think it’s an okay behavior. Therefore, the first step to training my dog to stop jumping was to ignore him when I got home. It can be difficult to do. Of course, you want to give your pooch some love after work, but if your dog is jumping, just ignore them until they settle down. Reward your dog’s good behavior with some affection or a treat when they’ve calmed down. They’ll start to learn quickly. 

Tip 2: Get Down to Their Level

Get down to your dog’s level! If your dog is excited, but not jumping, at this point, get down to their level and reward their good behavior! Give your dog some love and maybe a treat to show them that their behavior is desirable. This might be done earlier on if your dog is small. With a large breed dog, we didn’t want to crouch down and get knocked over or head-butted. 

Train dog to stop jumping, golden retriever sleeping nose

Tip 3: Give Them a Toy

Try to stop your dog from jumping by giving them a toy to distract them! We tried this method out, but fetch is Jack’s favorite thing in the world so it just gets him more excited. Jack didn’t jump when he had a toy, but he would bark insistently. I mean, he thought we were going to play fetch, so I get it. Some dogs will take the toy and be happy with that so it’s worth the try!

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Tip 4: Get Everyone on Board with Training

If you ever want to train your dog to stop jumping, you’re going to make sure everyone in your household is on the same page. One person can’t reward bad behavior while someone else is trying to train it away. The same goes for when you have guests over. Tell your guests ahead of time that your training your dog not to jump. They may have a little more patients and may not accidentally reward bad behavior. 

Tip 5: Don’t Get Discouraged!

Training your dog not to jump is hard work! Even with a highly intelligent dog, training doesn’t happen overnight. You have to be patient when you start training your dog to stop bad behaviors, like jumping. It’s especially going to be more difficult as your dog gets older. Jack was so used to jumping on people, so it was fairly time-consuming to train him to stop jumping! It’s hard to say how long it took, but I feel like it was quite a few months before he really settled down. 

Good Luck!

I hope these tips can help you train your dog to stop jumping! Remember to always be patient and consistent. Breaking consistency is going to make training take longer and it’s going to be frustrating for you and your dog. 

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