4 Month Old Great Pyrenees – Great Pyrenees Growth Chart

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4 month old great pyrenees growth

I’m having a hard time accepting that Freyja is now a 4-month-old Great Pyrenees. She has been such a joy to welcome into our home and it’s hard to believe she’s been here for two months. 

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Here are some facts about Freyja!

Weight: 35.4lbs

Height at the Shoulder: 20.5in

Favorite Toy: Her and her brothers have been loving stuffless toys, which is great since she destroys anything with stuffing. 

Favorite Treat: Blue Buffalo Health Bars are definitely her favorite treat so far. 

Accidents: Accidents have been very, very minimal. I’ve started to increase the time between each potty break as well.  

Sleeping through the night?: Yes, she’s a pro at sleeping. She will even sleep in our bed for about an hour before she moves to the flow. 

Skills/Commands Learned: Recently she learned “Wave” which is the cutest thing ever. It’s basically just a pyr paw, but still. We’re still increasing our “Stay” time. She hasn’t been as anxious to sprint outside either!

Bad Habits: Eating everything on the floor. 

Wins: I feel like Freyja has truly excelled as a 4-month-old Great Pyrenees puppy. I’ve said this so many times, but she and Odin were just so different. It’s hard for me to think of something amazing over the last few weeks, but just know she’s been a rockstar. 

Goals: More successful crate training. Being home so much has really made me neglect working on crate training. 

Although I stopped doing weekly post updates, I have still been tracking her height and weight weekly. I know when we adopted Odin, I tried to find Great Pyrenees growth charts everywhere for little success. It’s a breed that can have a ton of weight variations but I thought posting our progress so far could be beneficial. 

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4 month old great pyrenees - Great Pyrenees Growth Chart

As a 4-month-old Great Pyrenees, I know there is still a long way to go. I’m looking forward to teaching Freyja more new tricks. We had such a hard time potty training Odin so it was hard to focus on other types of training. Odin was exhausting and Freyja is such a joy. I really need to work on crate training even though I’m home all the time. Someone hold me accountable!

I haven’t gotten many new pictures, but enjoy them down below!

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4 month old great pyrenees puppy laying in grass

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4 month old great pyrenees puppy swimming
Freyja and Odin

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